What's New in Smart Modular Homes?

Modular homes are economical, efficient to build, and more sustainable, which has bolstered their popularity. As technology advances, smart features make the options available to prefabricated homeowners all the more alluring.

You can customize your new modular home with various innovative and modern elements to make it more suitable to your tastes and lifestyle needs. Such features can also improve the value and comfort of your prefab home in Portland.

New Features for Modular Homes

Since the term “modular home” merely refers to the process of construction, you can find these types of houses in a wide range of sizes and architectural sizes. They are always fitted with kitchens, bathrooms, and general living areas, as well as power and lighting that comes pre-installed via modular power cabling and wireless controls. However, modern modular construction techniques also have led to a variety of flexible layouts and external finishes to serve the diverse needs of modern homeowners.

You can further personalize your modular home through the selection of interior materials, features, and finishes that you prefer. In terms of technology, innovations, and industry best practices, here is a look at what’s possible when it comes to building a modular home in the modern age:

1. Energy Efficiency from Start to Finish

Modern prefab homes integrate a growing emphasis on energy efficiency. For instance, the construction process produces less waste, plus modular homes also have tighter seams that make cooling and heating more efficient once the space is inhabited. Manufacturers may also provide options to incorporate sustainable materials, energy-efficient appliances, and add-ons like rainwater collection systems and solar panels.

2. Innovative Building Technologies

Modular homes are based on a mixture of different technologies known as “Modern Methods of Construction” (MMC) that ensure they are built to higher standards than those houses constructed using traditional methods.

In terms of the construction process, they can be created rather quickly and efficiently. Putting together a modular home in Portland also generally results in less disruption to the natural environment of the locality. Other examples of innovative building features include total modular wiring computer-aided design (CAD) support and energy harvesting wireless sensors, switches, and controls that do not require maintenance.

3. Built-in Automation

Affordable and sustainable “smart” modular homes also incorporate innovative design and product technology to further enhance your safety, security, comfort, and quality of life as the homeowner. This is another area where energy harvesting technology and battery-free switches can be combined with different applications—from lighting and entertainment systems to window shading and occupancy sensors—to improve the function of your modular home in Portland.

For example, you can link a self-powered occupancy sensor to your intruder alarm via wireless technology or add an “all off/all on” switch to your smart home that enables you to control all non-essential electrical consumables when you’re leaving your house or arriving back. Furthermore, smart modular homes in Portland can be designed to include Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that helps track household activities linked to energy usage or patterns of occupancy. Analyzing information gathered from AI, you are able to identify areas where you can further reduce your energy consumption.

Smart Homebuilding in Portland, OR

With innovative technologies like wireless devices, built-in automation and artificial intelligence, modern modular houses are poised to not only meet current homebuilding standards but also set them higher. When you work with Renaissance Homes, you can achieve all the benefits of a smart modular house without the cheap, cookie-cutter look. We can customize your new Portland home to integrate various structural, design, and technological features that augment function and convenience without undermining the aesthetic appeal.