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Does Your Land Have Potential?

At Renaissance Homes, we are always looking for opportunities to develop and build outstanding new homes that benefit the surrounding community. We quickly analyze each potential project, keeping in mind the proven combination of qualities that result in successful projects and maximum value.

Our position of growth and leadership supports our active search for new and inviting land opportunities throughout the Portland metropolitan area. We seek opportunities that range from single lots or existing homes that can be redeveloped to larger parcels suitable for new communities.

We realize that making the decision to consider selling your property is a private matter and there are many factors to be considered.

It’s never too early to begin asking questions about selling your property. 

You may not be ready to sell right now, but are wondering about the potential value of your property. Or perhaps you wish to use your land for a few more years, and you know that getting the best price for your land doesn't happen right away. Even if you may not be ready to sell soon, Renaissance Homes can help you understand the steps involved in the process of selling your property. We can also confirm the potential value of your land to assist you in making your decision.

You may not be sure of how the land entitlement/approval process works. 

Since 1984, Renaissance Homes has a long history of resolving land entitlement issues and getting over-development hurdles. We have land planners, engineers, and attorneys with the expertise necessary to help you achieve the best results from selling your property.

If you have land in any stage (raw, preliminary approval, finished lots, or existing homes that can be redeveloped), please contact us or complete the registration form below.

Jeff Shrope, Director of Land Acquisitions. 503.853.5045 

Completing and submitting land information through the Renaissance Homes’ website does not constitute an offer to purchase property or land.

Realtor Information

Please let us know if you have a land opportunity to share with us.  We are happy to work with you and your client.

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Please tell us about your property. 

Where is it located?  Is it raw land?  If so, what is the acreage?  Does it currently have a house on it?

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