What Should You Expect from Your Custom Portland Home?

Custom home building is a rare opportunity for you to design and construct a future residence that is perfectly tailored to your needs and desires in a city you love.

As indicated by the term “custom,” this process is primarily about personalization. No two custom homes in Portland look exactly alike, because no two families are alike. You have your own dynamic, lifestyle habits, daily routines, and future goals. These are a few of the factors to consider as you’re planning and designing a new luxury home to serve and support your family in the coming years.

Key Parts of a Quality Custom Home in Portland

Custom homes vary widely, but there are a few key elements that should be standard, including industry-leading designs, cutting-edge construction technology, and energy efficiency. At Renaissance Homes, we are committed to some Universal Standards, or the collection of premium and high-performance products included with every Renaissance home. Thanks to these standards, we can offer a streamlined specification process that enables you to spend more time personalizing the finishes, fixtures and color palettes of your home to complement your priorities and preferences. Here are a few of the standards in construction and design you can trust to be incorporated into your Portland custom home build:

Construction Systems and Features

Building a quality custom home requires conscientious attention to detail from top to bottom and the outside, in. That includes how your home is built, in addition to the materials and products that are used. Your house should include a wide variety of construction features and modern systems to improve energy efficiency, create long-lasting value, and provide comfort and cost savings to your family in the future.

For example, some of Renaissance’s Universal Standards for construction include 35-year composition roofing; kiln-dried, moisture-tested lumber; open web floor trusses; low-maintenance siding; and floor systems engineered 25% above code for less noise and greater strength and resiliency.

To bolster your luxury home’s energy efficiency, your plan also typically includes high-caliber ceiling, ground floor, and exterior wall insulation that exceeds standard code requirements; a whole-home ventilation system to produce fresh air; efficient ductwork; high-efficiency LED lighting throughout the home; and other smart technology.

It’s also common for your custom home to be complemented with decks, patios, and/or exterior walkways. Other shops and outbuildings are available for you to consider.  

Exterior and Interior Elements

Custom homes also include a range of exterior and interior features designed to enhance the durability, performance, and aesthetic of the residence. On the outside, you can expect such features as high-efficiency vinyl windows with screens and wood window wrap; exposed aggregate driveways; designer-selected paint palettes; and metal roof detailing.

The interior of your custom home can be personalized to your heart’s delight, but there are few standards homeowners commonly enjoy, such as a 36-inch gas fireplace, a central vacuum system, hardwood floors in key locations, and all stainless-steel appliances. Also, luxury is found throughout the home in the quality of products and materials that are included, from solid-surface countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms to designer lighting and eye-catching finishes of brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, or chrome.

Building a Custom Home in Portland

Each component and element of a custom home should be carefully chosen to contribute to a generally superior residence that maximizes energy efficiency, comfort, and long-term value. However, at Renaissance Homes, we don’t burden you with all the minutia when you’re making decisions. Our Renaissance standards already incorporate the latest technologies and best practices in engineering, design, and construction. When you work with us on building a luxury custom home in the Portland area, you can rest assured the final product will be distinctive. All that’s required of you is to make it your own.