Based upon our 36 years of award winning experience, Renaissance believes that we are uniquely positioned to satisfy the needs of an important segment of the build on your land market.

Many "on your land" builders require the homeowner to perform critical responsibilities associated with building their new home. In contrast, Renaissance provides refined processes and resources that offer an outstanding level of comprehensive service. Every Renaissance On Your Land home will be built to the exacting design and quality standards that have made Renaissance one of the premier homebuilders in the Northwest.

Our highly experienced team will direct you through the entire process to create the home that you deserve. We believe the Renaissance Way also offers a superior alternative to using a custom home builder. In contrast to spending months on design, more months making selections, experiencing delays, and processing change orders, Renaissance offers a simple, yet comprehensive process to create your new home.

Our Universal Standards collection, a comprehensive package of high-performing and premium construction products that come with every Renaissance On Your Land plan, streamlines the lengthy and costly product specification process so you can spend more time personalizing your home to complement your unique preferences. Our Design Studio will provide you with a one stop solution to making all of your color, finish and upgrade selections. Thereafter, our construction team will complete the construction of your home on a defined schedule and budget. We strongly believe that the experience that we have gained in building more than 4,500 homes will offer our clients the most comprehensive and refined build on your land process in the market.

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