Why Should I Build a Custom Home?

When you build a new custom home, you have the opportunity to design and create a space that is personalized to fit your family from its layout and structural elements to its design features.

While customization is one of the primary benefits, building a new home provides numerous other benefits in terms of maintenance, energy efficiency, financing, and much more.

Why Should I Build a Custom Home?

If you’re in the market for a new home in the Portland metro area, here are three reasons to consider building a custom home:

1. Satisfying Your Needs in Form and Function

Is there anything about your current living situation that causes a hindrance or inconvenience to your daily routine? When you design and build a custom home, you have the opportunity to rectify the problem. You can personalize the floor plan of your new home to support a comfortable traffic flow while making sure the various rooms address the unique and individual needs of your family members. If you work from home, you can incorporate an office space set up for that purpose.

In addition to the general structure and layout, you also get to select the cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, hardware, and wall treatments you find aesthetically pleasing. Although custom homes are a bigger financial investment than run-of-the-mill production homes, it’s important to consider what you would have to pay, on top of the base cost, to fix up or remodel a resale home to fit your preferences and futures goals.  

2. Modern and Environmentally Friendly

Newly constructed homes in Portland are built to be up to code and eco-friendly. With a custom home, you have even more control when choosing the latest energy-saving features, systems, and appliances, from water-conserving plumbing fixtures to improved insulation and modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. These eco-friendly elements add value to your home, in addition to keeping your family comfortable and reducing monthly utility bills. Likewise, new homes are generally more environmentally friendly than traditional homes, thanks to their eco-friendly materials and smart features.

3. Low Maintenance and Cost-Efficient

Custom building allows you to choose the configuration and features you want, rather than having to endure the expense of making changes to an existing property. The newness of your home also ensures you won’t spend the first several months taking care of hidden repairs and excessive maintenance. If the project was completed by a qualified professional home builder using the best practices and construction processes, you have peace of mind that all features and systems will work properly, which benefits you in terms of both convenience and cost-savings.

Buying a Custom Home in Portland, OR

When you purchase a resale home, you are unlikely to get all the structural and design features you need or want, no matter how long you search the market. Additionally, you may be in for months of addressing repairs and maintenance issues. These and other shortcomings can be avoided by purchasing a new custom home. Renaissance Homes has a team of skilled professionals to help you along every step of the custom home-building journey, from planning and design to permitting and construction.