What Should I Expect When Building A New House?

What Should I Expect When Building A New House?

Building a new home in Portland, Oregon, or any city, is an endeavor. The prospect of creating something new, totally yours from the ground up, offers a sense of freedom as well an ownership unparalleled compared to purchasing a house lived in by others. However, before making any decisions, it’s best to know what to expect when building a new house.

Types of New Home Constructions

In general, new home builds fall into three categories:  spec, production, and custom. Both spec and production homes offer homeowners little no input on overall design and finishes. In some cases, if the construction isn’t complete when the purchase is made, it may be possible for homeowners to make design choices.

A custom home offers the most personalization and largest range of homeowner input, from square footage and layout to finishes like countertop materials.

What Should I Expect In the Beginning?

It often begins with a dream, a desire to create a living space unique to your needs and desires. Before the first brick can be laid or nail hammered, plans must be made and details addressed. These commence with the conceptualization of the dream: house style, size, and location. A budget then needs to be considered. Even when funds are flush, it’s recommended to set a budget and strive to adhere to it. 

The Business Side of Building a New Home

While it’s easy to become lost in dreams of a gourmet kitchen, other details take precedence at the beginning of a new home build. When choosing a lot/land, consider how the outdoor space will be used. It’s more than just a house on the land; it’s also the garage and storage facilities, deck, patio, outdoor recreation like a pool, pond, and outdoor kitchen. These details have a direct impact on the location and type of lot/land selected.

Business details to expect in the early stages of the new home building process include but are not limited to:

  • Secure financing as needed
  • Selection of real estate agent, when building in Portland, Oregon, a local agent is recommended
  • Verify/address zoning regulations
  • Choose a contractor 
  • Secure all permits needed
  • Acquire insurance 

Personnel Needed with New Home Construction

When building, it’s important to know there are numerous individuals and teams needed to make that dream home a reality. Every new home construction is unique, but in general the personnel owners can expect to work with include a general contractor, specialty contractors (electricians, HVAC, roofing, painters, plumbing), and designers for the interior, landscape, and other special areas.


When Construction Begins. Setting Expectations

The day the ground is broken for a new home, it’s momentous. It’s also a long haul from groundbreaking to move-in day. Every build differs, but generally includes:

  • Lot/land preparation including irrigation systems
  • Foundation set, basement/below-grade poured and framed
  • Rough-in for framing then electrical, HVAC, and plumbing
  • Insulation installed, especially important in the northeastern climate
  • Installation of drywall, ceilings, windows
  • Installation of exterior finishes: siding, brick, roofing, trim
  • Exterior grading finished
  • Driveway, walkways, patio, and outdoor living spaces
  • Bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room mechanicals/fixtures 
  • Interior trim and finishes: flooring, fixtures, countertops, cabinets
  • All interior systems: smart home features, alarms, lighting, automated window treatments, entertainment controls
  • Interior design finishes; landscaping finishes

Throughout the process, expect to coordinate with personnel as the decision-making process is ongoing. It’s also important to be realistic. There will be delays and issues that arise throughout a new home build anywhere, including here in Portland, Oregon. These can affect a timeline, and unfortunately a budget. However, if you’re prepared and are teamed up with a quality custom luxury home builder in Portland like Renaissance Homes to help you navigate the journey then the process will be easier. Hopefully, this helps and you are no longer asking yourself "What should I expect when building a new house?".