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In our continued effort to help our clients find land, we have partnered with Developers and Realtors to feature properties that are available for Renaissance Custom Homes buyers.  Several properties are currently available and are presented below. However, there are many other opportunities for land acquisition through realtor relationships and private sellers that may be of interest to you.

Please note: Renaissance Homes provides this page as a courtesy to our real estate broker partners and also some private land sellers. In most cases, we have not physically vetted these properties for home construction feasibility, and make no assertions that such is possible. If you are interested in any of these properties, please contact your realtor or our Renaissance Custom Homes team to discuss options and the site evaluation/construction feasibility vetting process.

Available Land

20236 SW Bramblewood Lane
West Linn
22103 S Wisteria Road
West Linn
1805 SW Pattulo Way
West Linn
0 SW Ectopia Lane

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