Renaissance Custom Homes: Bethany Build

The Renaissance Custom Homes team has begun construction on a Modified Sunset plan on subdivision lot in Bethany. This home fits snugly on the lot which had significant elevation slope from the front to the back. When faced with this much grade difference, (approximately 16’ overall), design strategies must be employed so that the home will function properly on the lot. Use of retaining walls, creative excavation, and foundation stepping are typically employed to combat these conditions. In the case of this Bethany lot, our Renaissance Custom Homes clients will enjoy a driveway that has less than a 10% degree of slope at its steepest point, the fewest possible steps from the finished floor to the garage floor, and most important to our clients, a flat backyard with retaining walls placed properly so that fencing will be placed on the uphill side of them thus maximizing privacy. Our Renaissance Custom Homes team specializes in assessing our customers land, and work with our in house, Renaissance design & drafting team to customize our plans to fit the needs while finding a balance of personal preferences and what the land conditions require. It is our absolute pleasure to see the excitement on our clients faces as their dreams come to fruition on their own land!