A Multi-Generational Modern Lodge in Sherwood

Left with their abandoned site excavation work and a poured foundation, clients Kelly and David experienced every custom home buyer’s worst nightmare. It’s a construction tale as old as time, unfortunately, and it’s one that continues to challenge perceptions of our industry. Families excited about and financially committed to their custom home build see their dreams derailed by a builder’s inexperience, incompetence, or poorly managed expectations. 

Such was the experience of clients Kelly and David, who came to us after their custom home builder unexpectedly went out of business and stranded the project during the first phases of construction.

“When we met everyone at Renaissance and saw how unbelievably organized, honest, and straightforward they were from the very beginning we had to pick them,” said Kelly about their outreach to the Renaissance team. “I have a friend with a Renaissance house and knew the workmanship would be quality. Their willingness to essentially save us and take on this project after a fraudulent, dishonest builder made everything sideways for our family spoke volumes to me.”

We believe building a custom home should be seamless and rewarding for every family, which is why we’ve developed a time-tested process and systems that deliver beautifully designed, one-of-a-kind homes on time, on budget, and that authentically reflect the personalities of their owners. A client’s home-building experience should be exceptional and memorable in the best possible way, and we couldn’t stand by while the investment Kelly and David had made creating their dream home was in jeopardy.

“Let’s help make things right and finish this home for this family,” said Renaissance Homes President, Randy Sebastian. 


Adapting Existing Plans and Design

The Renaissance team took over and managed all aspects of their custom project. Assuming a previous architect’s and builder’s design comes with its own unique set of challenges, because all pre-existing plans and engineering must be evaluated and re-aligned with Renaissance’s program and systems.

Kelly and David were wonderful to work with, and they brought their distinct aesthetic and a spirit of collaboration to the project that established a productive synergy. Our team’s transparency allowed increased visibility and understanding throughout each phase and stage. And while our customary timeframes required some adjustment and flexibility to accommodate working with new and unvetted vendors, expectations had been proactively set and managed to ensure everyone was on the same page.

The couple purchased an acreage site in Sherwood nestled next to a tree farm that offers quiet solitude and tranquility. Both Kelly and David have high-stress careers and wanted this home to be a comforting escape from the commotion, sights, and sounds of the city for their three children and pets.

The two-story, modern lodge-style home features four bedrooms and three and a half baths, with ample areas for work, retreat, and relaxation. Main-floor living spaces feature an open-concept layout that keeps sight lines open and the family together throughout the great room, dining room, and kitchen.

Versatile Multi-Generational Living

The couple revised and added to the original plan to accommodate live-in parents. The addition offers true multi-generational living, with its own entry toward the rear of the home, a living room, kitchen, and master bedroom and bath. The result is a home within a home that’s completely private and independent from the main residence. 

A downstairs office accommodates Kelly and David working from home, and an upstairs home theater creates more opportunities for the family to connect, unwind, and enjoy their favorite shows, films, and games. 

Interiors feature an upscale masculine aesthetic with darker tones balanced with warm woods and large windows that flood the spaces with natural light. The interplay of natural materials and a neutral palette accentuate and complement the organic theme.

A covered stamped concrete patio opens to the trees beyond and appears to drop away to the mountainside below to create a push-pull relationship to the surrounding natural area. Trees feel as though they’re moving in while you move out to become part of the landscape. Stamped concrete wraps around most of the exterior to connect Kelly’s and David’s residence to the in-law’s part of the home. Downstairs from the patio will feature a future fire pit, green space for a play area, trails for hiking and camping, and a lavender field. 

The estate truly feels like a stylish and comfortable escape from the outside world. Our team couldn’t be more pleased to create a happy ending for Kelly, David, and their family.

“Renaissance is made up of a group of good, trustworthy people: Mike, Marc, and everyone else – what a team!” said Kelly. “That’s what you need if you are going to build a new home – good, honest people who actually care. How could we not have picked Renaissance?”