Moving to the Portland Area? 5 things to know about your new Oregon home

The Portland Metro and surrounding cities have seen a spike in recent years of people migrating to the area. If you’re one of those people considering moving to the portland area, here are a few things to consider:

Embrace the Weather: 

The Pacific Northwest; known for wet cold winters and dry summers, Portland in particular being at the northern border of Oregon has its fair share of rainy days through the late fall, winter and spring. If you plan on moving here, make sure you have a good winter wardrobe and maybe some hiking boots - even with the fog and rain, you’ll find the surrounding parks full of lush evergreen forestry. 

When the summer rolls around, Oregon natives recommend embracing the weather when it's good - during the summers, you’ll find people out in droves around the local rivers, or at local parks and trails soaking up the sun. Summer days are heating up here in Oregon but don’t leave home without a jacket if you’re staying out - On average, temperatures drop about 20 degrees once the sun goes down.

Shop and Support Local:

Compared to the Portland Metro area, you’ll be pressed to find more variety amongst local or small businesses in other metropolitan cities. Between local breweries, coffee shops and pretty much any type of food you could imagine, there is always something new and unique to find. Whether in or out of the Portland area, Oregon residents are a community loyal to their local artisans and crafters.  

Green is Good: 

Oregon and the Portland metro area pride themselves on Green initiatives around the state and city. In Portland alone, there are 279 city parks, and also tons of quick, efficient public transit options to reduce city traffic. 

As a state, renewable energy is big in Oregon and they are leading the charge in the U.S. - both Hydroelectric power and Wind energy are the powerhouses for the state. An additional perk for Oregon taxpayers is the ability to claim a state credit on their OR income tax for any solar investments throughout the year.

Invest in a Bike: 

Whether you like an easy ride around the block or are a serious cycler, Oregon has made many efforts to make bicyclists feel at home. For decades, the City of Portland has made steps to make cycling in the city safer, accessible and easier by installing almost 200 miles of bike lanes and building ‘Neighborhood Greenways’ - roads where bike paths take priority. 

Outside of the city and around Oregon, there are many scenic bikeway trails through the mountains or by the many nearby waterways - Oregon was actually the first state to develop dedicated bikeway trails.

No Sale Tax: 

A small but nice perk of Oregon state is their lack of Sales Tax - This means that anything you buy will be sold without an added sales tax. While the State income taxes are higher than many other states, the lack of Sales tax may help balance some of living costs.