Join our Team! Architectural Home Designer

This position is classified as an exempt or full-time position, and reports to the Chief Operating Officer.


Position Overview

This position will be a full-time Residential Home Designer for an independent local builder, in addition to meeting with custom build clients to effectively communicate the entire build process of designing a residential home from start to finish. This position will design custom builds to meet all expectations of the custom clients within the Renaissance Way. This position will have extensive knowledge in residential building as well an understanding of local code/law requirements, structural engineering, roof design, property grades and overall build components of a home that can affect a build not only in design but cost to build. Collaborate with all teams in Renaissance to ensure a smooth transition from one department to the other. The goal for this position is to effectively communicate and collaborate with our clients and our design team to create amazing architectural home designs that keep Renaissance on the forefront of innovation and the leader in the industry.


Duties and Responsibilities

The individual in this position is expected to engage in the following work-related activities.

  • Design and maintain new and current plans in an accurate and efficient manner with an emphasis on value engineering, ease of construction, and current design trends
  • Maintain all standard stylistic architectural, structural and conceptual design details, specifications and features, coordinating with the Design Center and the Production, Marketing and Purchasing Departments
  • Research, propose and implement progressive and market-responsive design, advancements and trends
  • Collaborate and design all the Spec builds that meet current and future trends to keep Renaissance Homes as the premiere home builder in the industry
  • Research and implement state building code and jurisdictional community development code changes
  • Schedule and attend with custom clients to discuss their home ideas and budgets and mold that into a Renaissance build in a way that earns the client's trust and confidence in Renaissance.
  • Maintain positive client interactions from the initial site meeting through the completion of the build project
  • Schedule and perform site visits, coordinating with production, in response to both conceptual and technical design questions and complications in the field
  • Complete timely plans along with components for the Plan and Permit Department.
  • Ensure all quality control measures during the plan design processes are met.
  • Respond to plan reviews and questions from jurisdictions, coordinating with appropriate design professionals, consultants and staff members
  • Maintain open, efficient and effective communication with design professionals, staff members and jurisdictional contacts
  • Assist the Production Manager and other departments as needed on special issues, projects and administration
  • Complete and maintain new and current marketing in an accurate and efficient manner with an emphasis on the timely release of floor plans and elevations
  • Maintain positive client interactions from the initial site meeting through the completion of the build project
  • Be willing and able to discuss customer budgets with comprehensive knowledge of the construction costs that will keep the project within the budget parameters 
  • Be able to understand fully the challenges of site topography for the home design and project budget
  • Be a positive representative of Renaissance homes during any customer or real estate agent meeting


Knowledge, Skill, and Ability Profile

The individual in this position is expected to possess the following professional traits.

  • Integrity/ Promptness/ Forthrightness/ Trustworthiness/ Reliability/ Excellence
  • Self-starter/ Self-motivation/ Problem Solver
  • Ability to effectively communicate.
  • Ability to analyze and critically assess and solve problems.
  • Ability to see big picture as well as giving attention to smallest detail.
  • Organizational skills to keep multiple projects running smoothly.
  • Appreciation of Historical Architecture
  • Understanding of structural engineering a plus
  • Understanding of costs associated with different design styles
  • Revit and autocad experience in computer drafting.
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required
  • Must have valid driver’s license.


Physical and Capability Requirements

The following capabilities are required in order to perform the essential functions of this position. Reasonable accommodations that do not create an undue burden on the company are available to address the following requirements.

  • Position may require extensive time sitting or standing, reading and viewing computer screens.
  • May occasionally lift, carry, stoop, bend, etc. (no more than 20 pounds).
  • Occasional to frequent driving between sites and on errands
  • Occasional repetitive motion via use of keyboard and mouse