It’s Not Just Pretty: Why the Right Building Process Makes a Difference

It’s common knowledge that different custom home builders in the Portland area have different styles and techniques that may affect how your new house looks on the inside and outside. The impact of your contractor’s building process, however, is more than skin-deep.

How your Portland home builder approaches designing and building new homes—whether that’s on land you already own or a new lot—also affects the structural integrity, energy efficiency, and function of the property, as well as your home-building experience. At Renaissance Home, our design and construction methods deliver more than just a pretty house.

Ins and Outs of Our Home Building Process

As a custom home builder, Renaissance Home wants to deliver the ultimate home building experience for buyers in the Portland area. That begins with the design phase.

What to Expect During the Home Design Phase?

The purpose of investing in a custom home is to create a place that supports your family’s specific lifestyle. You can explore our collection of floor plans and find a design that fits your vision, or work with our in-house professional design and drafting team to create a highly individualized plan. With our team by your side, there’s no need to hire an independent design consultant. Your streamlined, one-stop-shopping experience for making selections for your new home is made easier with our full-service design studio. We invest time into researching new products, materials, and design trends so you have access to a wide range of materials, features, and finishes, from slab counters and hardwoods to tiles, cabinet finishes, paint, and appliances.

What to Expect During Land Preparation?

Another way in which we differ from other on-your-lot builders and custom home builders is our wide range of pre-construction and land improvement services, which include:

  • Complete site preparation services

  • Permit management

  • Excavation and backfill

  • Utility connection and coordination

Before we head into construction, we provide you with a detailed schedule, including who is responsible for what and the estimated date of completion.

What to Expect During New Home Construction?

With site preparation finished and permits in hand, we can move your custom home build to the construction phase. We implement a variety of construction methods that ensure your new home doesn’t just look good but is also highly durable and functional. For example, all Renaissance Homes in Portland are energy efficient and certified under the ENERGY STAR program, giving you access to annual savings on utility costs for years to come.

We include polar blanket insulation and open web floor trusses to improve your home’s efficiency and help you reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs. Additionally, our screen siding system protects your home against water intrusion—a common issue in the rainy Pacific Northwest—and the resulting damage. In general, our approach to construction revolves around attention to detail and not cutting corners, even when it comes to systems and infrastructure that aren’t highly visible.

The Key to Building a Quality Home in Portland

The money and time you invest into building a new home are significant. At the end of the day, the return on your investment should be more than a pretty house in the Portland area. It should include an efficient home building process—from design to construction—and a highly functional, long-lasting home that is created using the industry’s best practices, modern technology, and thorough execution. At Renaissance Homes, we offer a diverse range of services and refined processes to give you an optimal home building experience from start to finish.