How to Prepare for Your Design Studio Appointment

You’ve signed the dotted line on the purchasing agreement for the home of your dreams, congratulations! Now it’s time for one of the most fun parts of the build process and probably one of the reasons you selected a new construction - the Design Studio appointment where you personalize your new home from top to bottom. Don’t let the process overwhelm you (so many choices!). Set yourself up for a successful and enjoyable Design Studio experience by understanding what comes next and what you can DO NOW to prepare. 


Mark your calendar

Enjoy the ease and convenience of a single Design Studio location with Renaissance Homes. Most custom home builders require multiple appointments at different product vendor showrooms across town, but we offer a one-stop shopping experience so you can easily make your selections in a single location. Your design selections process will require two separate appointments, each taking about three to four hours to complete. There are many decisions to make, so we spread them out over two appointments to give you an opportunity to relax, reflect and have fun. 

Know what’s included

Having a clear understanding of the products that come with your home will help guide your thinking when preparing for your appointment. At Renaissance Homes, a lot is included! You’ll probably be surprised to learn that many things other builders designate as upgrades are included in our homes. Before your appointment, our Design Studio will send you our Universal Standards information that includes detailed product descriptions and photos of every design feature of your home so you and your family can begin thinking about your upgrade options. 


Envision your lifestyle

Take some time to think about your current lifestyle and how you want to live in your new home. Talk to your spouse or partner, children, and anyone else who will live in your home. Have everyone walk through your current home and write down what they like, what works and doesn’t work for your family, and what they would change. Sit with these ideas, write down commonalities, and reflect on how you and your family want to live in your new home now and five years from now. Let these ideas be your guide and be ready to share them with your designers as you begin making your selections. 


Create a design look book

As you’re thinking about life in your new home, begin collecting images of rooms and products that you like. Create notebook or file with images that inspire you from the Renaissance Homes website, your book of Universal Standards, and photos you take when visiting our model homes. When perusing, be sure to keep in mind what is included and can be customized specific to your house plan and within our Universal Standards. 


Know your budget and priorities

This may seem like the least appealing part of the process, but once you have a solid understanding of how much you have to spend on options and upgrades you will be able to prioritize where you want to splurge. Create a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves, and your Design Studio designer can also help you get the most value for your upgrades and added features. 


Trust your designers

Our Renaissance Homes interior designers are here to help YOU make your home beautifully reflect your personality, tastes, and lifestyle. Our designers do not work on commission, are expertly trained in residential design, and are your trusted resource. Up to date and knowledgeable on all the latest products and trends, they will be able to answer all of your design questions about everything from flooring, counters, cabinets, color schemes, carpets, stone, tile, hardware, and more. They will help guide you through the selection process so each room design reflects your personality, flows with the overall look of your new home, and lives just the way you want it to. 

Extra credit

Come to the first appointment with some selections already narrowed down, like door style and hardware, faucet styles, bathtub, appliance package, and garage door. You don’t need to have anything finalized, but coming to the Design Studio with your top two or three choices in some of these areas will help our designers begin to get a feel for your style and personality. Most of all, have a great time! Take your time, breathe, and celebrate this exciting milestone. The ability to personalize your new home is one of the most enjoyable parts of the home-buying experience, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.