How To Choose The New Home Design That Best Suits Your Needs

How To Choose The New Home Design That Best Suits Your Needs

The decision to build a new home means choosing house designs that best suit current and future needs. Sorting through home designs for the perfect floor plans can be overwhelming. However, with an understanding of the various elements to consider, it’s possible to build the home you want right here in Portland, Oregon. 

House Designs: Functional Spaces First

Even luxury home designs require a focus on the functional spaces: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, main living area, laundry room, mudroom, storage, and garage. Make a list of the functional space must-haves. Maybe a large mudroom could accommodate a washer and dryer? Is a two- or three-car garage needed? Does there need to be an eat-in area in the kitchen or is counter seating enough? If planning to host family dinners or holidays, a formal dining room may be needed. 

When choosing the floor plans for a new home, remember the total square footage is the finished part of the house. This does not include a basement, enclosed porch, garage, or the attic.  

Current Needs Plus a Look Into the Future

Modern house designs need to encompass both the family’s current needs and at the same time, plan for the future. Questions to consider include but are not limited to:

  • How much overall square footage is needed now and 10 years from now?
  • Planning to start a family? How many bedrooms are needed?
  • If the children are young now, how about a hang-out space as they get older? Maybe a playroom that can be converted to teen space later?
  • First-floor master suite for later adult years/aging in place?
  • Laundry room on the same floor as bedrooms (easier with kids and for senior years)?
  • Is guest room/suite needed for out-of-town guests and when adult children come to visit?
  • Will current furniture fit with the modern home designs?
  • Will the home be marketable to buyers if/when selling in the future? 

Specialty Rooms in Luxury House Designs

Building a new home offers a chance to include exactly the type of rooms and living space the fits your lifestyle. When considering various luxury home designs, it’s important to determine which specialty rooms/spaces are essential to include in the floor plans. From a traditional home office with built-in bookcases to a high-tech home entertainment room complete with integrated smart lighting and sound, the possibilities are almost endless. 

Lot Size and Location 

In Portland, it’s common to find neighborhood streets lined with classic Craftsman-style bungalows or Foursquare homes. While these home designs are popular, it may not be for you. Keep in mind some HOA’s and neighborhoods do regulate the size and even style of home that can be built on the available lots. In addition, lot size and location play an important role in the construction’s footprint and what’s left available for landscaping, a garden, pool, and other outdoor living space amenities. The location of the lot can influence design choices such as the placement of the windows, porch, deck, garage, driveway, and walkways. 

Choosing the house designs for a new home doesn’t have to be daunting. Focus on your lifestyle and picture your family living in the space. Home designs that can grow and change with your needs may be the ideal solution.