The Best Lake Oswego Neighborhoods to Live In

When you envision where you want to live, there are two important things that typically come to mind: The type of home you would like to have and the surrounding neighborhood.

You want to settle into a community with a geographical, cultural, and economic environment that suits your professional and personal life. For many families, proximity to work and being situated in a superior school district are also important considerations.

Finding the Perfect Neighborhood in Lake Oswego

If you’re drawn toward the idea of a well-connected and primarily residential community in the Portland metro area, consider Lake Oswego. Situated less than 10 miles south of Portland, Lake Oswego is an affluent suburb brimming with sophisticated small-town charm, a vibrant arts community, natural beauty, and a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and parks. It is also serviced by the top-rated Lake Oswego School District, which operates six elementary schools, two junior high schools and two high schools. These various attributes and lifestyle amenities endow Lake Oswego with a sense of prestige and a high quality of life for residents.

However, even within Lake Oswego, there are different neighborhoods with distinctive qualities that appeal to different prospective homeowners. Here are three of the best Lake Oswego neighborhoods to consider for your new home:

1. Lake Grove

The Lake Grove neighborhood is in the lower northwest quadrant of the city. Here, you’ll find a mix of quiet streets, distinctive homes on large lots, and established gardens that collectively create a sense of old-world charm. In terms of outdoor recreation, residents can acquire membership to the popular Lake Grove Swim Park or the Lake Oswego Hunt Club, which offers year-round community activities and equestrian sports.

Lake Grove is also home to peaceful outdoor recreational sites, like Pennington Park, Campbell Native Gardens, and Iron Mountain Park. However, natural beauty is not all Lake Grove has to offer. Lake Grove Village is a popular shopping district that features retail, dining, medical, and grocery establishments.  

2. Bryant

To the south of Lake Grove, you’ll find the Bryant neighborhood. The eastern boundary of this area hugs Oswego Canal, offering easy access to the lake for homeowners along the canal-front, as well as those situated on the banks of Oswego Lake proper. For swimming and other outdoor recreation, you can hit up the Lake Grove Swim Park, Bryant Woods Nature Park, the private Bryant Woods Community Pool, or two outdoor tennis courts.

 Students from Bryant, which is within the Lake Oswego School District, tend to go to Lakeridge High School, Lakeridge Junior High School, Westridge Elementary School, and River Grove Elementary School. With easy access to Interstate 5, everything you need is within a short distance of this special neighborhood.

3.McVey-South Shore

To the west, with the northern border situated along Oswego Lake, is another highly desirable neighborhood: McVey-South Shore. This fairly walkable community is known for its tree-lined streets, well-kept yards and few art galleries, shops and restaurants. When you want to get outdoors, you can walk to Aspen Park, which includes a small play structure.  

In terms of education, McVey-South Shore is home to Park Academy, designed for students whose learning styles don’t compliment a traditional academic setting. Similar to Bryant, older students tend to go to Lakeridge High School and Lake Ridge Middle School, while Hallinan Elementary School serves kindergartners through fifth-graders.

Building a New Home in Lake Oswego

A beautiful community like Lake Oswego calls for a beautiful home. Our team at Renaissance Homes can help you set down roots in this sought-after Portland suburb. Our Lake Oswego Signature Collection offers you the quintessence quality of a Renaissance Home in one of the most outstanding neighborhoods this state has to offer.