The Benefits of Living in a Newly Constructed Home

Why Modern is Better.


When you begin the process of shopping for a new home in Portland, there are many options. Not only do you need to consider school zones, neighborhoods, and financing options, you have to decide on the particulars of the homes that you're considering. Do you want a two-story home or a single level? A traditional home or one with a more modern aesthetic? Do you want a newer home or one that is older?

Many home buyers initially are attracted to older homes. They like the nuanced, quirky styles of past decades. They may like the historical connection that a much older home has to the community as a whole. However, there are some drawbacks of living in an older home.


Potential Problems With Older Homes


In past decades, homes were not heated and cooled by whole house systems. Because of this, homeowners of past years closed off portions of the house when it was cold, and this is why older homes often have many small rooms. The open floor plan just was not practical for their needs.  Additionally, the typical family home usually had only one or two bathrooms.  For this reason, many buyers who choose older homes end up with drastic renovations. 

Another problem with an older home is the mere fact that the structure is old. Foundations may have settled unevenly, leading to cracks in walls and ceilings;  doors and windows may not work properly either due to settling. The roof may need to be replaced sooner than in a new build.  Wiring and plumbing systems may need to be replaced, which is a very expensive process.  Older homes are not built with the latest energy efficient technologies, leading to higher utility bills. 

 Additionally, the weather in the pacific northwest, including Portland tends to exacerbate issues with older homes, leading to more renovations that can quickly add up $$$.

Lake Oswego's Signature Collection by Renaissance Homes. Lake Oswego, OR

Lake Oswego's Signature Collection. Lake Oswego, OR


New Home Advantages


Newer styles, no surprise renovations

Buying a new home has distinct advantages over buying an older home. But, there are greater advantages than merely having sparkling new flooring and pristine paint. First, new homes are built with the latest technologies and should be up to existing codes. If something goes wrong, you can contact the builder and have the situation rectified. Additionally, new homes feature the latest styles, needing little to no updating when you move in.

Easily customizable

If you buy a home while it is in the process of being built, you can choose things like flooring, cabinetry, and other finishes. Additionally, homeowners may be able to tweak small parts of the floor plan to make the home more appropriate for their own needs. For instance, one homeowner may want a larger closet, while another may want a larger bathroom. Shifting one wall can be an easy fix when the home is still under construction. 

Safer and healthier

Another advantage to newer homes is better indoor air quality. Older homes may have decades of dust trapped behind the walls and in the carpet. Mold may  be hiding in unexpected places due to poor air flow. However, newer homes are created with the newest technologies in ventilation and air filtration.  Since allergies are so common, a new build can make families more comfortable in their own homes. Additionally, you can build on your land, choosing the perfect landscape for your house.

Less upkeep and more cost efficient

Newer homes tend to be more energy efficient, as they are built with materials and use technology that save on your power and heating bills. The weather here in Portland can get quite cold in the winter, and hot in the summers, so the more energy efficient your house is, the better it is on your monthly bills.

New homes built by Renaissance Homes can offer homeowners the latest in styles and comfort. Additionally, if you like the aesthetics and certain traits of an older home, you can ask the builder to incorporate those facets in your construction. By building a new home, you can have the best of both worlds.