Street of Dreams

Street of Dreams

Oregon’s premier new home show is the NW Natural Street of Dreams, held annually in Portland.

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Building and Designing Dream Homes.

Renaissance Homes is a proud supporter of the NW Natural Street of Dreams with over 40 awards to our credit. The Street of Dreams offers a unique opportunity to showcase the best of the best, to display our talent, our creativity and above all, our passion for exquisite craftsmanship.  Watch a special message below from Renaissance Homes President Randy Sebastian.

Renaissance Homes Award Recognition

Renaissance as a company is focused on separating ourselves from the competition locally and nationally while also recognizing there is knowledge to be gained from these same groups.  We are focused on leading our local market in product, quality and innovation.

In 2007, Renaissance won Best Design Center in the US by the NAHB’s Sales & Marketing Council.  Locally, Renaissance has also won 6 Best of Show awards at the annual Street of Dreams having entered the show only 6 times.  Below is a list of other recent awards Renaissance is proud to mention.


  • Builder of the Year
  • Sales & Marketing Excellence Gold Award Best Website
  • Building Excellence Gold Award
  • Ultimate Energy Performance Score Award from the Energy Trust of Oregon


Street of Dreams Home Show, The Graduate, LEED Certified Gold

  • Builders’ Choice Award: Best of Show, Best Landscaping
  • People’s Choice Award: Best Landscaping
  • Professional’s Choice Award: Best Landscaping
  • Realtors Choice Award: Best Decorating and Furnishing, Best Curb Appeal, Best Home Furnishings, Best Kitchen
  • The Golden Hammer Award for first home completed