Homeowner Services

When you build your dream home with Renaissance Homes, you’ll notice a few differences. Not only are you intimately involved throughout the entire design and building process, we take extra steps to ensure your new home is of a quality that is unsurpassed in the industry. We dedicate time for multiple inspections and walk throughs to make sure your home meets our standards of excellence in both workmanship and function.  Our Quality Assurance Team is always available to answer your questions and concerns, and we continually work to support each homeowner during and long after the warranty period.  This is Customer Service the Renaissance Way.

Requests must be submitted in writing to the Quality Assurance Department (via email, Warranty Request Form, or faxed to our main office)

  • All items listed for repair by homeowner will be evaluated for warranty coverage according to the Limited Warranty Agreement signed at closing, and industry guidelines as laid out in the Homeowner’s Manual Performance Guidelines Section.
  • Warranty work is performed during business days and hours only.

If you have an after hours emergency as listed below, please contact our answering service for immediate assistance at: 503-496-0711

  • You must be within your One Year Warranty
  • Water Intrusion—leaking plumbing, roof, or windows
  • Loss of Water—complete loss of water (for situations under Renaissance’s control)
  • Loss of Power—complete loss of electrical power (for situations under Renaissance’s control)
  • Sewer Back up or Spill—sewer back up or spillage of sewage in the crawl space within the first year of occupancy
  • Loss of Heat—complete loss of heat when the outside temperature is below 45 degrees
  • Gas Leak—gas leaks on the house side of the meter (You must also contact NW Natural at 800-882-3377).

Homeowners please complete the Warranty Request Form.

For post one year concerns, please submit requests here: Info Request Form.